About Dru

What is Dru?

Dru is a platform that enables the researchers focused on the analysis of blockchain an easier start. It consists from a block engine that maintains the blocks database in sync with the blockchain of a cryptocurrency and a querying engine that offers its API to run the analyses. The results of each query are stored and are easily accessible for reducing time of reproducing them.

Which blockchains are currently supported by Dru?

Dru is designed in such a way that each blockchain client using standard RPC calls should be supported. Nevertheless, the development and testing focused especially on Zcash, since the development process was supported by the Zcash Foundation. For details see Funding.

Dru’s components

Dru consists from two components: block-engine and the endpoints provider. These two together provide all the functionalities of the project, yet if you want to use the blocks database in a different manner than for network science analyses, you can only clone and use the block-engine component. However, this documentation covers the whole environment consisting from both components.

Where would I find the sources of Dru?

Dru is an open source project and can be found here: https://github.com/bergplace/Dru. The lincense details are to be found in Licenses page. If you are interested in using only the block-engine (see above), its project page is located here: https://github.com/bergplace/block-engine.