Make targets

These are the most general make targets. In order to see all of them, please refer to the content of the Makefile.

make help

Shows the help message.

make start

Starts Dru in the regular production mode using dru.default.conf as the initial configuration file. Before starting, verify configuration settings in this file.

make test

Starts Dru in the testing mode. This includes running the Travis tests as well as importing only first 7000 blocks. For details on the test configuration, please see dru.test.conf.

make restart

Restarts Dru.

make fuzz

Starts the “fuzz” tests, calling multiple Dru endpoints with variety of parameters. This allows to verify whether Dru’s endpoints are working properly. Before starting, please make sure that the URL directive in test/ points to the right server.

make html

Generates the webpages (index, mail registration etc.).

In order to see some more detailed targets that build the ones described above, have a look at Makefile content itself.